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Webcast: Preferred Creditor Status

Register for our on-demand webcast led by Eric Paget-Blanc, Senior Director, Sovereign Ratings on multilateral development banks’ comparative advantage.

PCS Key Advantage for MDBs; Strength Differs Among Institutions

Preferred creditor status (PCS) is a key advantage for multilateral development banks (MDBs). However, it is weaker for regional multilateral development banks (MDBs) in particular those operating in Middle East and African, than for European and sub-regional MDBs.

Supras' Metrics Weaken as Loans Grow Faster than Capital

eakening capitalisation and profitability in recent years have started to challenge supranational institutions' credit profiles. We expect credit metrics to stabilise, but this will partly depend on shareholders' willingness to provide additional capital.

Budget Proposal Supportive for EU, Cohesion Funds to Fall

The European Commission's proposal for the next Multiannual Financial Framework would support the creditworthiness of the European Union ('AAA'/Stable) despite the negative impact of Brexit on EU funding.

CEMAC Zone Boosts External Buffer, Faces Fiscal Challenge

The regional central bank, BEAC, has taken a critical role in efforts to adapt to lower oil prices. A 50bp increase in the policy rate last year has contributed to lower imports, as has BEAC's move to stop providing financing to CEMAC member governments. 

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European Union and Euratom Affirmed at 'AAA'; Outlook Stable

Credit risk faced by the EU is significant, as loans are made to countries experiencing economic difficulties and are highly concentrated among a few borrowers, most notably Portugal (upgraded to BBB/Stable from BB+ in December 2017) and Ireland (upgraded to A+/Stable from A also in December 2017) accounting for 45% and 42% of the total portfolio, respectively.

Emerging Europe Sovereign Credit Overview

The ramp-up of disbursements of EU funds and the strengthening of key western European trade partners are bolstering growth in central and eastern Europe. Domestic demand is also robust, supported by easy monetary conditions and falling unemployment, while tourism is benefiting from adverse security conditions in competitor markets. 

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Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Assigned 'AAA'; Outlook Stable

The ratings of AIIB are based on its existing and expected intrinsic strengths. Created in 2015, AIIB has been endowed with a substantial capital base which will support the projected rapid expansion in lending; exposure to risk will be mitigated by a comprehensive set of policies and by high quality governance.

Latin America Macro Economy Improves, But Downside Risk Remains

The region has benefited from stronger global growth that has driven a gradual recovery in commodity prices and moderate currency appreciation. Weaker domestic demand has eased inflation and driven more moderate monetary policies. Latin American economies are expected to recover in 2017, with GDP projected to grow 1.2%.

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African Development Bank Affirmed at 'AAA'; Outlook Stable

AfDB enjoys strong support from its 80 member states, which include 26 non-African countries with high average ratings. Callable capital subscribed by member states rated 'AAA', the largest of which are the US, Germany and Canada, accounts for 21% of the total. 

European Investors See Pick-Up in Inflation Risk

European bond investors see inflation as a bigger risk than deflation for the first time in more than five years, according to Fitch Ratings' latest senior fixed-income investor survey. 



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