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The Virtual Investor Meeting Series brings together Fitch thought leaders across structured finance to present key themes and questions we address on a regular basis, across hundreds of one-on-one investor meetings each year. As a part of the Series, our senior analysts answer questions ranging from overall market trends to specific transaction performance to offer a holistic, global perspective of the credit issues and economic forces impacting investors from around the world.

At Fitch, we're committed to producing commentary that is informative, insightful, and valuable to the market and we encourage you to provide feedback on what issues, sectors or topics you would like to see addressed in the future.

2017 Virtual Investor Meeting - B-Class Malls a Primary Focus for US CMBS

With retail a thorn in the side of the broader markets, investors are focusing on B-class malls and their viability in new CMBS according to Huxley Somerville in this interview.

2017 Virtual Investor Meeting - Spread Compression is US CLOs Biggest Challenge

With sector and systemic risk largely contained, Kevin Kendra details in this interview the more formidable challenge U.S. CLO managers are facing for the remainder of this year.

2017 Virtual Investor Meeting - US RMBS Trends and Outlook

As the U.S. RMBS market recovery continues, some banks may return to the private label market after sitting out the last decade, according to Grant Bailey in this interview.

2017 Virtual Investor Meeting - The Consumer Tide Turns for US ABS

Rising consumer debt will drip down into U.S. ABS performance with some worsening ahead during the second half of 2017, as Andreas Wilgen and Hylton Heard discuss in this interview.


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