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Stay One Step Ahead to Minimize Risk and Maximize New Opportunities Across Global Markets

Manage your strategies, investment decisions and risk exposure more efficiently and effectively than ever.

Our Macro Intelligence Solution gives you an unrivalled perspective of political, economic and credit risks combined with comprehensive industry coverage. It allows you to quickly assess and compare market conditions and gain crucial intelligence on key regional, global and industry themes to inform your investment decision making.

We Help You Make Sense of Today’s Markets

Rising geopolitical risks... increased trade protectionism… technological disruption… investment in emerging markets…

Our Macro Intelligence Solution connects economic, political, credit and sectoral views. It enables you to evaluate, track and quantify comparative risk and identify the best investment opportunities, all from a single resource. It also frees up your time to thoroughly think through the strategic decisions that impact your revenue.

Macro Intelligence Solution: The Advantages

Our Solution is designed to help you assess and compare the market conditions that affect your operations, investment decisions, risk exposure and business objectives.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Complete Insight on Emerging and Frontier Markets: Previously hard to find, reliable data and insight on high risk/high reward markets can now be accessed in one place, with expert analysis from credit, sovereign and macro specialists
  • Unrivalled Breadth & Depth: Benchmark, explore and assess risks and growth prospects across multiple markets quickly and efficiently. The Solution gives you access to detailed country risk coverage for over 200 countries and territories, plus in-depth trend analysis for 22 industry sectors across 100 countries
  • Standardized Macro Data and Forecasts: 10 years of historic quarterly reports, data and forecasts plus 10-year proprietary forecasts, allowing you to compare the nature and evolution of growth and risk within and across markets with ease

Outstanding Insights

  • Connected Thinking: We combine our expertise in country risk, industry risk, financial markets and commodities to provide consistent and accurate forecasts and ahead of the curve analysis.
  • Authoritative Macro Intelligence:  Our insights are sourced from our privileged access to global policy makers, economists and decision makers in major governments, policy making forums and regulators.
  • Thematic Credit & Macro Research: Latest insight into the impact of disruptive technologies, geopolitical risk and key macro trends, from both a macro and credit perspective

Outstanding Engagement

  • Access to our Analysts: Get fast answers to direct questions or delve deeper into topics by way of teleconferences, in-person meetings or bespoke webinars.
  • Dedicated Account Management: All the answers and help you need whether by phone or in person.

The Macro Intelligence Solution is Delivered via Fitch Connect

Keep abreast of current events, future trends, risks and opportunities in developed, emerging and frontier markets with the Macro Intelligence Solution on Fitch Connect.


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