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Fitch Credit Research provides timely independent research and analytical insight to help you evaluate the creditworthiness of a company, country or security. Identify risk - and opportunities.

Unrivaled Local Knowledge

We have 1,100 analysts in 38 offices across 31 countries.

They assess the health of issuers across sectors and regions, covering the world’s capital markets. Their in-depth research is available in different types of reports in one place: Fitch Connect.

Get the Whole Picture with Fitch Solutions

Fitch Credit Research gives you another advantage in marking informed investment decisions. Fitch Solutions offers credit ratings, commentary and analytics to give you the context and insight into what’s driving the rating.

Fitch Credit Research: The Advantages

  • Expert objective opinions with reports developed by analytical teams on specific market sectors. Our analysts have 15 years’ experience on average and the lowest analyst-to-credit ratio compared to S&P and Moody’s.
  • Comprehensive coverage with an extensive library of 140,000 published research reports across 24 sectors.
  • A global view with local insight into economic dynamics, emerging trends, and their impact on credit drivers. Our industry and regional analysts are in 38 offices across 31 countries.
  • A wide choice of reports Different report types for all the intelligence you need. Easily customize the data to use in your own analysis.

Full Rating Report

Ratings Navigator

Macro Risk & Capital Markets

Covers individual issuer’s credit profile. Includes key rating drivers, rating sensitivities and financials with adjustments and peer comparisons.  Visual overview of key quantitative and qualitative factors Ratings analysts assess for an entity’s credit rating. This is key to our own internal rating process and clearly shows how we construct a rating. Macro-Prudential Risk Monitor updates all Fitch systemic risk indicators published since 2005. Risk Radar assesses the potential impact macroeconomic risks could have on portfolio and their relative urgency.

Peer Group Report

Special Reports

Regional Overviews and Country Updates

Overview of key credit themes for issuers of a certain type or region. Compares issuers within the same peer group.   Thematic issues and trends in sectors, regions and issuance. Highlights relevant topics and broader macro issues with potential credit impact. Reports on macro risks, thematic issues and trends in credit. Country Macro Updates provide commentary on key economic indicators for countries covered.

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Fitch Credit Research is available through Fitch Connect – our powerful and intuitive credit analytics and macro intelligence platform that lets you manage credit risk more efficiently, clearly and easily.

For a demo of how Fitch Credit Research can help you manage risk and identify opportunities, get in touch.


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