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Make Fast, Efficient and Informed Decisions

Gain deep insights and expertise into credit markets through thorough, focused credit, economic, and political research to help you make better informed investment and risk management decisions.

Our Debt Market Solution helps you find the right opportunities – and monitor them to make sure they continue to be the right choices.

Deeper Insight to Get You Further

Why have to rely on several research providers, when our Debt Market Solution provides deep insights and expertise into credit markets?

No more having to organize and manage a wide array of content from different providers. Or spending extra time incorporating data into internal views. Or trying to find quality local content, especially in developing markets.

Our value doesn’t lie in the number of names we cover, but in the way we cover them – thoroughly, transparently, and independently.

Our Debt Market Solution is available through Fitch Connect. This single, seamless platform gives you unrivalled access to credit markets. Get the ratings and research you need. Extract what you want. And make the decisions that count.

Debt Market Solution for Investors and Investment Managers: The Advantages

Our solution is designed to support and improve your investment management workflow.

Outstanding Coverage

  • Fitch Ratings is No. 1 in Latin America Banks, Latin America Corporates, US CMBS and Global ABS and No. 2 in EMEA Banks, US CLOs and Global ABS
  • 99% of all sovereign issuance covered by Fitch Ratings
  • Strong focus on emerging and frontier markets through our Macro Research.
  • 60%-70% corporate coverage of major fixed income benchmarks.

Outstanding Expertise

  • The most local knowledge - Fitch Ratings has 1,100 analysts in 38 offices across 31 countries.
  • The lowest analyst-to-credit ratio compared to S&P and Moody’s.  
  • 30 different types of research reports for a more comprehensive view of credit risk for a single issuer.

Outstanding Transparency

  • No outsourcing or reliance on ‘Black Box’ models.
  • Fitch Rating Navigators detail drivers and sensitivities underpinning each credit rating.
  • Access to our analysts to discuss their opinions, sources and methodologies. Plus, local events and webinars.

Fitch Connect is All You Need

Gain a comprehensive view, through focused intelligence. All in one easy place.

Seach & Discovery Entity 
Summary Pages
Portfolio Tool Peer & Benchmark Analysis
Save time by navigating to relevant results Discover entities of interest in one simple place Monitor and compare peers, key indicators and benchmarks Easily compare your portfolio to a group or a benchmark
Alerts Custom Views Curated News Universal Bank Data
Never miss a cruical portfolio update Save time searching multiple news sources and maintaining negative keyword lists Save time searching multiple news sources and maintaining negative keyword lists Analyze financial data across a variety of banks and accounting standards

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