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Fitch Solutions is the primary distributor of Fitch Ratings’ proprietary credit ratings and industry-leading research. Credit ratings data includes Fitch ratings, watches and outlooks—over 140 different data fields and up to 35 years of historical rating actions, including defaults. While Fitch research provides insight and transparency into the thinking used in the calculation of a rating through in-depth special reports and timely market commentary on a broad range of sectors, entities and securities. Together they enable you to understand credit trends and make informed investment decisions.

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Independent credit research and market commentary from industry and regional specialists who assess the health of issuers across the world’s capital markets. Research covers the following sectors:

  • Financial Institutions – Banks, Covered Bonds, Fund/Asset Manager Ratings, Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  • Insurance
  • Sovereigns and Supranationals
  • Corporate Finance – Corporates, Leveraged Finance, REITs, Utilities, Power and Gas
  • Public Finance – International and US
  • Structured Finance – ABS, CMBS, RMBS, Structured Credit
  • Islamic Finance
  • Global Infrastructure and Project Finance

Ratings Features

  • Manage risk and maintain regulatory compliance with access to four levels of market sector indexing and 25 distinct ratings types, including recovery, national, local currency, country ceiling, volatility, and viability ratings, in addition to outlook, watch and solicitation status
  • Historical rating, outlook and watch status coverage on issuers and issues including those that have expired, defaulted, matured or are no longer covered by Fitch Ratings
  • Latest solicitation status for issuers and issues on a security-per-security basis, including details such as buy-side, sell-side or unsolicited
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency by eliminating the need to manually track, input, and maintain current and historical ratings and credit market information
  • Rating data can be delivered in conjunction with additional customized and standardized content, such as fundamental financials, CDS pricing data and implied ratings to easily populate internal models and applications

Research Highlights

  • Evaluate the credit quality of counterparties and identify market opportunities with insight produced by Fitch Ratings analysts based in 31 countries who cover 24 sectors.
  • Discuss the credit ratings, sources and methodologies behind Fitch’s analysis with the analysts themselves, whose approach is globally consistent, while remaining regionally and locally focused.


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