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Expert. Comprehensive. Industry-Leading.

Credit ratings that span industries, companies, countries and securities.

Produced by industry and regional specialists who cover the world’s capital markets, Fitch Credit Ratings are an objective assessment of an entity’s creditworthiness and serve as an important indicator of potential risks and investment opportunities.

The credit ratings and research of Fitch Ratings are available through Fitch Connect – the powerful and intuitive platform from Fitch Solutions that enables management of credit risk with greater efficiency, clarity and ease.

Fitch Credit Ratings: The Advantages

  • Comprehensive coverage – more than 9,000 entities worldwide
  • Historical data – approximately five million historical ratings, outlooks and watch statuses for issues and issuers
  • Expert credit opinions – independent input into credit decision-making process
  • Industry-leading bank coverage – validate internal credit risk rating with ratings on over 3,300 banks


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