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Local Insight. Global Knowledge.

Fitch Solutions Country Risk keeps you up to date with what’s happening with 99.99 percent of the world’s GDP.

Get in-depth analysis and forecast scenarios on the economic and political risks facing a global market. Plus, the latest information on the local business environment, competitive landscape and market conditions.

Never Miss a Trend, Risk or Opportunity Again

Don’t let an economic, social or political change in a developed, emerging or frontier market affect your operation, investment decision, risk exposure or profitability.

Our in-depth Country Risk Research, Risk Indices and Macroeconomic Data offers global, regional and country risk assessments, analysis and expert commentary on 200+ countries and territories.

Get the Whole Picture with Fitch Solutions

Fitch Solutions Country Risk is just one part of the jigsaw puzzle in making an informed investment decision. Fitch Solutions offers additional research, reports, commentary and analytics to give you the context and insight into what’s driving the rating.

Fitch Solutions Country Risk: The Advantages

Stay one step ahead – keep ahead of emerging trends, risks and opportunities, such as interest rate movements, changing growth

trends, upcoming national elections and foreign policy direction. Also, compare scores and rankings for 200+ countries and territories with Country Risk Indices.

Customizable macroeconomic data - our essential analysis of over 200 economies globally includes up to 1,500 data series per market and a 10-year forecast horizon for countries and territories. Easily import into your own models and internal tracking systems.

Local and global knowledge - be better informed about where and how to use your financial resources - including risk capital – through our expert analysis and commentary.

Access to our analysts to discuss their opinions, sources and methodologies.

Book your Fitch Connect Demo

Fitch Solutions Country Risk is available through Fitch Connect – our powerful and intuitive credit analytics and macro intelligence platform that lets you manage risk more efficiently, clearly and easily.

For a demo of how Fitch Solutions Country Risk can provide an informed understanding across a multitude of interconnected markets, get in touch.


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