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Counterparty Risk Solution

for Credit Risk Analysts

A Complete Solution for Managing Exposure to Bank Credit Risk

While having access to credit ratings and financial data remains a critical part of managing risk, it is no longer sufficient to understand the full extent of a bank's risk exposure.

Counterparty Credit Risk analysts nowadays need to consider many other market factors, financial drivers and geopolitical risks to evaluate macroeconomic uncertainty and risk exposure.

Counterparty Risk Solution for Credit Risk Analysts is available only on Fitch Connect, helps credit risk professionals monitor, manage and mitigate a broad range of risks. By combing robust data assets with advanced analytics and innovative technology, the Counterparty Risk Solution allows analysts in banks implement best-in-class processes to manage credit risk.

Proactively manage Counterparty Risk

The solution provides analysts with a comprehensive and consistent view of credit risk data and information on 30,000 banks and 12,000 insurers globally with up to 30 years' of historical data. It enables bank analysts to make informed credit decisions.

Easily access the latest data and financial information on their existing and prospective new counterparties

Get behind the numbers' to develop an evidence-based understanding of counterparty risk

Improve their workflow from simplifying data handling and analytical processes


Fitch Solutions Counterparty Risk Survey 2017

According to Leo Tolstoy, there are only two plots in all of literature: a person goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.

The same can be said of the financial services sector over the last ten years and today; the story has been about a journey that involved the introduction of many new systems and processes to comply with financial regulation. Now, according to a survey of Counterparty Credit Risk professionals by Fitch Solutions, we may be on the cusp of reading a new story with a different plot - where, at least for the banking industry, the stranger that comes to town is growth and expansion.

This executive brief presents the findings from the Fitch Solutions Counterparty Risk Survey 2017 and provides an insight into the various strategies Counterparty Risk professionals are employing to improve their understanding of the risks in their credit exposures.


Counterparty Risk Solution

How it works

Counterparty Credit Risk professionals navigate through multiple data sets from a vast array of sources to capture every level of detail and have full transparency of risk exposure.

The Counterparty Risk Solution Infographic is a visual guide to understanding how our solution supports counterparty risk analysts at every step of the process.


Unwinding QE

What will it look like and what impact will it have?

The era of quantitative easing (QE) is set to come to an end over the coming years, after four global central banks - the US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank (ECB), Bank of Japan and Bank of England - have purchased the equivalent of US$1.2 trillion of fixed income assets per year over 2009-2017. This executive brief examines the impact reducing QE could have on the global economy and bond markets, and how interest rates normalization will affect commercial bank liquidity and asset quality.


Counterparty Risk Solution for Credit Risk Analysts

Research conducted by Fitch Solutions found that counterparty risk professionals spend a disproportionate amount of time assessing the long tail of potential counterparties.

Simultaneously, they need to meet ever evolving changes in reporting requirements of financial market regulators who require greater transparency and that more rigorous approaches are adopted for bank credit analysis. Download this solution brief to understand how The Counterparty Risk Solution for Credit Risk Analysts supports each stage of the credit risk analysis.


Counterparty Risk Solution for Credit Risk Analysts

More cross-border payments; more regulations; more macro, economic and political risks… monitoring and managing counterparty risk is now more important than ever.

But finding enough information - especially on financial data and underlying bank sectors - isn’t easy. Neither is getting behind the numbers to compare across countries and accounting standards.

Our Counterparty Risk Solution is designed to provide a streamlined and comprehensive view of credit risk intelligence. This solution guide explains how our solution can be contextualized to the specific challenges of credit risk analysts.


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