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Webinar: China Shadow Banking 2019 Outlook

Join us on 20 February (Wed) to discuss how regulatory developments will impact the 2019 outlook for China’s shadow banking activities, and how banks will cope with growth priorities and capital preservation against more challenging economic conditions.


Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Time: 04:30 PM Hong Kong Time
Duration: 1 hour
Language: English
Click here to attend the webinar in English


Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Time: 10:30 AM Hong Kong Time
Duration: 1 hour
Language: Chinese
Click here to attend the webinar in Chinese


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China's Shadow Banking Sector to Shrink Further in 2019

2019 Outlook

2019 Outlook: APAC Public Finance

Fitch  Ratings’  view  on  Asia-Pacific  (APAC) local  and  regional  governments  (LRGs)  is underpinned  by stable  economic  fundamentals  and  fiscal  revenue,  counter-balanced  by pressures  from  rising  global  interest  rates  and  potential  US-China  trade  tensions.


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China's Auto Investment Rules to Ease EV Overcapacity Risks

China's tougher rules on building new electric vehicle plants are likely to cool the EV investment boom and may temper long-term overcapacity risks, according to Fitch Ratings

HK Bank Headwinds Unlikely to Prompt Macro-Prudential Easing

However, it is unlikely that credit growth or property prices will cool sharply enough to trigger easing of various property-related limits or a reduction in the counter-cyclical buffer (CCyB) that banks must set aside for their domestic exposures.

Fitch Named Best Rating Agency in APAC in Record 5 Categories

Fitch has won the Credit Rating Agency of the Year (2018) awards for the corporate, investment-grade, public-finance, project-finance and sovereign categories. It is the agency's first award for the investment-grade category, and the fourth consecutive win for public finance.

Fitch Ratings Appoints New Chairman for Asia Pacific

Fitch Ratings, a global leader in credit ratings and research, today announced it has appointed Matthew Ginsburg as Chairman, Asia Pacific. He succeeds Bernard de Lattre, who is stepping down from the role, but will remain at Fitch for the foreseeable future in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Most Indonesian Credits Resilient to Global Tightening Scenario

Indonesia's current account deficit - albeit modest - along with its relatively high commodity dependence, share of domestic government securities held abroad, and external debt above the median, make it more vulnerable to emerging-market pressures than its 'BBB' peers.


ABS-CBN: Philippines Telecoms Sector

Janice Chong, Director in Fitch Ratings’ APAC Technology team, speaks to ABS-CBN on the credit ratings outlook for Philippine telcos, including the challenges and prospects for the rollout of 5G, the next generation wireless standard.

Rating Action

Fitch Affirms New Zealand at 'AA'; Outlook Stable

New Zealand's ratings are underpinned by very high governance standards, a demonstrated commitment to prudent fiscal management, and a credible policymaking framework that helps manage risks and respond to pressures.

Indian Budget a Test of Commitment to Fiscal Consolidation

Higher pre-election spending could risk a second consecutive year of fiscal slippage relative to the government's targets and would further delay plans to reduce the high general government fiscal deficit and debt burden.

Investor Focus on Business Risks for China's "BAT"

These companies are driving internet revolution beyond their core internet services to an era of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, amongst others. Fitch Ratings believes that M&A will remain opportunistic and regulatory risk will stay manageable.

Rating Action

Fitch Affirms Korea at 'AA-'; Outlook Stable

Korea's 'AA-' rating reflects robust external finances and a solid macroeconomic performance compared with peers, as well as evolving geopolitical risk from the relationship with North Korea, and longer-run challenges of rapid population ageing and low productivity.

Rating Action

Fitch Affirms Japan at 'A'; Outlook Stable

Japan's ratings balance the strengths of an advanced and wealthy economy, with high governance standards and strong public institutions, against weak medium-term growth prospects and high public debt.


Expect Corporate Credit Growth in China to Pick up in 2019

Ying Wang of Fitch Ratings says it is "sensible" for the Chinese authorities to shift its focus from deleveraging efforts, which increased corporate sector defaults in 2018, to stabilizing leverage in the country.

China Corporate Defaults Highlight Disclosure, Governance Issues

Three defaults in recent months have highlighted the risk of broader disclosure and governance problems among Chinese corporates, as well as the variable quality of local auditing.

China Consumer ABS Risks Tempered by Tighter Regulations

However, the short-term impact has been a slight deterioration in performance of existing consumer ABS asset pools and a drop in issuance.

2019 Outlook: Global Housing and Mortgage

Stretched affordability and overheated home prices in several major cities have been key themes of our global housing and mortgage outlooks for the past five years. Now as part of our 2019 Outlooks series, we take a forward look at this sector for the year ahead.


Press Release: House Prices to Fall in Several APAC Markets in 2019


Outlook 2019

2019 Outlook - China Credit Outlook Roundtable

Stephen Schwartz, Head of APAC Sovereigns Ratings, discusses the China credit outlook with Andrew Fennell, Lead Sovereign Analyst for China; Grace Wu, Head of China Bank Ratings; and Terry Gao, Head of Public Finance for APAC.

Outlook 2019

2019 Outlook - China Corporate Roundtable

Stephen Schwartz, Head of Asia-Pacific Sovereigns Ratings, discusses the credit outlook for the Chinese property sector and corporates with Su Aik Lim, Head of Greater China Property; and Yee Man Chin, Head of Greater China Industrial Ratings.

Bloomberg Interview: Fitch’s Asia-Pacific 2019 Corporates Sector Outlook

Matt Jamieson, Head of APAC Corporate Research at Fitch Ratings, discusses the impact of trade tensions and rising interest rates on APAC corporate ratings, and the prospects for Chinese homebuilders, basic materials and industrial companies. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets: Asia" with Yvonne Man and Rishaad Salamat.

China's A+ Rating Affirmed with Stable Outlook, Says Fitch Ratings' Schwartz

Stephen Schwartz, Head of Asia-Pacific Sovereigns, Fitch Ratings talks about APAC sovereign ratings. He speaks with Rishaad Salamat and David Ingles on "Bloomberg Markets: Asia".


Related Audio: End of QE and More QT Will Put Upward Pressure on Rates (Radio)

2019 Risks to Watch

Australia Cross Sector Views

As part of our Risks to Watch series, Vicky Melbourne, David Cook, Ben McCarthy and Bert Jensen discuss the sector outlook of Australia’s corporates, infrastructure and project finance, structured finance and financial institutions.


Australian Corporates - 2018 Review and 2019 Outlook
Australian Structured Finance - 2018 Review and 2019 Outlook
Australian Infrastructure - 2018 Review and 2019 Outlook
Australian Banks - 2018 Review and 2019 Outlook

China Private Education Blue Book

Revenue growth in China's private education sector, which consists of private schools and private education service providers, is likely to moderate to high-single-digits, from the low-teens.


Other Blue Books

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